Vintage Auto Chauffeur Services

We specialize in wedding car rental and making the bride and groom look great at their getaway. Every wedding package includes beautiful ribbons and bows on the hood, as well as flowers in the bud vases inside, and a "Just Married" sign for the back. Vintage Auto is commercially licensed, insured and incorporated.

Metro Birmingham Rates

Vintage Auto pricing is done on an individual client basis. Please contact us so that we can tailor a quote to your needs.


We have two basic packages to offer for weddings, and for any other celebrations requiring transportation:

One Ride
This package is for a single pick-up and drop off, normally departing from the wedding reception and riding to the honeymoon hotel.

Two Ride
This package allows for two stops, normally departing from the wedding to the reception, then the reception to the honeymoon hotel.

Other Areas or Occasions

We can also negotiate hourly rates for other areas or occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

What's Next?

To check our availability, simply call Ron Marko at (205) 283-8174.

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